Grieg Transcriptions for Strings

String quartet in G minor op. 27

  • transcribed for string orchestra

String quartet in F major (1891)

  • transcribed for string orchestra

The transcriptions  were ordered by Oslo Camerata, and recorded on the record label Naxos.

All transcriptions /arrangements listed are available for purchase. They will be delivered as pdf-files.
Excerpt from critics:

David Hurwitz,, February 2012:

Edvard Grieg’s G minor string quartet sounds terrific in this sensitive arrangement for string
orchestra by Alf Ardal. Here, as a veritable “symphony for strings”, especially in this gutsy, ferocious performance, it
makes an unforgettable impression.

Robert Markow, Fanfare, July 2012:

It ( the g-minor quartet) is played in a string-orchestra transcription by Alf Årdal that grabs you
from the opening leap into a coup d’archet unison chord and rivets your attention until the end.
…..Put all these qualities together and the result is a mesmerizing performance. I have listened to
this disc easily a dozen times and can’t get enough of it.
This is the kind of recording for which the admonition “Run, don’t walk to the nearest store” may
be invoked.

Bob McQuiston, Classical Lost and Found, March 2012:

…..having listened to these expanded versions chances are you’ll reach for them instead of the
originals the next time you want to hear his quartets.

Paul Corfield Godfrey, MusicWeb International, April 2012:

….. the greater breadth of a string orchestra brings a marvellous earthiness to the scherzo-like
halling rhythms. The thick chordal writing in the finale benefits enormously from the additional
weight that an orchestra can bring to the music.

6 Lyrical Pieces

The 6 lyrical pieces were commisioned by the Barratt-Due jr.orchestra, and five of them are
recorded by these sensational very young players on Hemera label. Later the Arietta was added,
and the five original pieces revised.

These transcriptions have a good child/ youth orchestra in mind, and the viola part can be replaced
by a 3rd violin-part which is included in the parts.

  • string orchestra
    1 – Arietta op. 12, nr. 1
    2 – Vals op. 12, nr. 2
    3 – Halling op. 47, nr. 4
    Norwegian dance
    4 – Matrosenes Oppsang op. 68, nr. 1
    Sailor’s song
    5 – Bestemors menuett op. 68, nr. 2
    Grandmother’s minuet
    6 – Småtroll op. 71, nr. 3

Suite from Norwegian Folksongs op.66

Norwegian folksongs op.66 are widely admired for their beautifull harmonic style.
The suite has been performed by the TrondheimSoloists on tours in Europe.

  • string orchestra
    1 – Det var i min ungdom (from Luster, Sogn)
    It was in my youth
    2 – Morgon skal du få gifte deg (from Lom)
    Tomorrow you will marry her
    3 – Bådnlåt (from Ryfylke)
    4 – En liten grå mann (from Lom)
    A little gray man
    5 – I Ola- dalom, i Ola- kjønn (from Østre Slidre)
    In Ola valley, in Ola lake
    6 – Bådnlåt (from Lom)
    7 – Ho vesle Astrid vår (from Lom)
    Our little Astrid
    8 – Jeg går i tusen tanker (from Turtagrø)
    I wander deep in thought
    9 – Gjendines bådnlåt (from Lom)
    Gjendine’s lullaby

5 songs for soprano and string-orchestra

The five songs were commissioned by Hardanger music festival for the TrondheimSoloists and
soprano Solveig Kringleborn. The songs are performed by these renowned artists on several

  • 1 Liden Kirsten op.60 nr. 1 (Krag)
    Little Kirsten
  • 2 Mens jeg venter op.60 nr. 2 (Krag)
    On the water
  • 3 Og jeg vil ha mig en Hjærtenskjær op.60 nr. 5 (Krag)
    Midsummer eve
  • 4 Langs ei Å op.33 nr. 5 (Vinje)
    Beside the stream
  • 5 Ved Rondane op.33 nr. 9 (Vinje)
    At Rondane